Favorite Purse Organizer: the Pouchee

Written by Martha on April 6th, 2010

Pouchee.comFor women there are certain things we have to carry with us at all times: keys, cell phone, lipstick, pens, etc. Put these small things in a big purse and you have instant disorganization! So, we buy purses with lots of little pockets to hold all of our “must haves.” But, to change from one purse to another means to empty out every pocket. What a time waste!

The solution is purse organizers.  The Pouchee is my favorite purse organizer because it is a self-contained unit that you can grab and GO!  There is no wrapping, no sagging, and no assembly. The best way to describe the Pouchee is:  your change purse on steroids.

Black Pouchee exterior

Black Pouchee interior

Within a compact 7×5×3″, you will be able to tote lipstick, cell phone, tissues, a wallet or change purse, all of your credit cards, keys, even a note pad.  The sturdy 2″ metal rings and magnetic closure make it easy to pick up and exchange from one purse to another, or to carry alone when you are on a quick errand. There are enough inner dividers and even a zipper compartment so that all your “must haves” will find a home. You won’t have to dig for keys!

Best of all, the Pouchee comes in 12 different colors in cotton (washable) and 11 colors in leather. You can make a fashion statement with red leather, or support a cause with the Breast Cancer LTD Edition.

Other Pouchee products are available with plenty of pockets including a jewelry traveling case (11×14×2″), and two sizes of automobile console caddies.

I especially wanted to let you know that the Pouchee Purse Organizer is on sale now through Mother’s Day for 10% off your entire purchase. Use the code poucheemom at checkout at the Pouchee.com Store.

Even if the whole package weren’t so practical, I would still love the logo of a kangaroo holding a tiny purse! Cute!

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