Lose 3-5 pounds in one day!

Written by Martha on February 22nd, 2012

I received a wonderful note from a client this week. She was listing the things she put out on the curb for the trash man. The list included furniture, moldy wood, broken pottery, even something her grandfather made.

That is so hard to do! I am so proud of her decision to just let go.

One of the definitions of clutter I list in my report “60 Tips to Organize Your Life” [available on my website] is this:

CLUTTER, Definition:  Anything that does not help me to fulfill
my purpose or add to my quality of life.”

When I work with clients in their homes, giving them guidance on what to keep and what to toss, these are some deciders we use:

1.     Don’t keep things that make you sad. Every time you see that item you revisit negative feelings. You deserve better.

2.     Let go of broken, moldy, rusted things you don’t absolutely loveYes, I like to watch American Pickers, Mike and Frank, who serve a wonderful function – finding old, broken things and restoring them to someone who cares. Look the thing up on eBay, or call an auctioneer. Love it, sell it, or trash it.

3.     Don’t feel obligated to keep everything your parents gave you. (or from anyone else for that matter!) Saying, “Thank you,” for the kindness is enough. Pass it on to someone who will treasure that item.

4.     Get rid of magazines over 2 months old, unless a professional publication. If you haven’t read them in that time, you never will. Even if you are a professional, determine which articles are of interest, cut them out, and keep only what you will read.

5.     Donate clothes that are more than one size up or down from what you wear now. You don’t want to empower a weight gain and if you lose a bunch, you deserve to buy a new wardrobe!

If you take these guidelines to heart as permission to let go, your home can lose 3-5 pounds of clutter in one day!

Try it! You will breathe a sigh of relief. Then don’t look back. Keep your eyes out for that next thing you can give, dump, donate, or recycle.

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