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Martha has spent the last thirty years perfecting her skill at organizing in the home and office.

She was a Math major at Ohio State University, who sees solutions to complex problems and has an excellent grasp of spatial relationship.
A military wife who moved 11 times in 20 years, Martha loves the excitement and understands the dread of change. She knows how to use both to help her clients create a plan of attack. She has tons of experience in deciding what is essential for your well-being during a transition, how to pack, unpack, and store your belongings for easy retrieval.

Martha’s four wonderful children (now grown) taught her how to use time wisely, to quickly de-clutter, and how to organize kids’ spaces. In her new role as a cheerleader and advisor to her adult children, Martha understands what it means to guide others in making decisions that are authentic to that individual.

From dealing with complex issues in her own family – anorexia, mental illness, chronic disorganization (CD), breast cancer treatment, and death of parents – Martha knows that physical illness accompanied by emotional pain can be overwhelming but also how to put you back in the driver’s seat.

Her desire is to be a resource and support for others in difficult situations. Martha is a woman of faith, trained to lead women’s inductive Bible studies through Precept Ministries International. She values honesty, integrity, patience, and kindness.

Martha believes there is always hope for the future. At present, Martha is completing her A.S. in Real Estate Appraisal which she will apply in staging homes for quick sale and maximum profit.

A member of the Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Martha is continually learning new ways to help others live more productive and stress-free lives.

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  1. Hi Martha, I am contacting you on behalf of a very dear friend of mine. Her name is Barb. Barb has three adult boys, one of which is living in her home. He has some hoarding and CID, OCD issues that need addressed. The situation is only getting worse as time goes by. She is bound by a mothers love, but truely unhappy in her home.I am not expierenced or quailified at this time to help her situation. I know that a really good professional organizer could make a big differance. She lives in Marion, Ohio. I was wondering if you would be interested in her case?

    • Martha says:

      Jane, I am honored that you have asked to help your friend. I will call you directly to better answer your question. I do work with hoarders and love to see the slow-but-sure progress as soon as they see I do not force them to “get rid” of anything. In your friend’s case, the factors that will determine her success in restoring order are: her son’s willingness to cooperate and her commitment to the process – including resources (time and money) and tough love. Let’s chat to see what we can do.

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