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Help for Getting Organized This Summer: ListPlanIt

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I am a list/form junkie. As much as I love creating my own lists, having ready-made lists available for a quick brain dump is awesome!

ListPlanIt has done all the work and made available hundreds of lists for business planning, meal planning, family matters, travel, financial planning, student planning and time management.  These are only a handful of the list categories available. Moms – there are lists of age appropriate chores!

The three ways you can gain access are:

  1. Annual print membership – $20 for access to all lists to print only. Print and write on lists as desired. For those who like a pen in hand and a paper list to post or use in a notebook.
  2. Annual download membership – $30 for download capability for all lists. With this option, you can type your information directly onto the lists and save.
  3. Individual ePlanner – Choose one category of lists and get the downloadable files for a one time charge of $4.95.

Check out the trial section to see seven sample lists to print. While there, click on the trial ePlanner to experience the download /write-in option.

Think of the possibilities! For summer travel, you can have a “to do before you leave the house” list, a “what I must remember to pack” list, and a “places we want to see, with the contact info” list. The frustration you avoid will more than pay for the investment. Enjoy your carefree summer!

P.S. If you are reading this and thinking of the person who REALLY needs lists to help him/her get organized, there is a gift certificate option!