7 Surprising Benefits of Getting Organized

Written by Martha on February 7th, 2011

“Get Organized” consistently shows up in the Top 10 New Years Resolution lists. Read my blog post “Setting Yourself Up to Fail with 2011 Resolutions” for recent lists.

Why is getting organized top of mind for so many? Aren’t there more important goals than formulating time schedules, cutting down on possessions, putting ideas in a logical order, cleaning out drawers and closets, or storing stuff in a nifty container?

I can think of a few like: restoring relationships, growing business profits, discovering spiritual significance, learning exciting new skills, and giving to the less fortunate.

We all want to make a difference in the world around us. Then we look at our immediate environment and think, “If I can’t find ________ (you fill in the blank: my keys, his phone number, my password, that financial info) how can I have any lasting effect in the lives of others?”

Organizing objects, time, paper, or finances is simply one step toward higher goals like those in the list above. The less tangible benefits of organizing can begin that process and are truly life changing! Organizing can…

  • Cut through your mental confusion
  • Clear up indecision on what to do next
  • Eliminate your paralysis of overwhelm
  • Give you a feeling of achievement and confidence
  • Grant victory over one problem that then overflows into other areas of life
  • Shed light on decision points you are struggling with
  • Propel you forward with a new sense of purpose

What do you want to do to change your world? What is one preliminary step that could propel you forward with that new sense of purpose? Get organized and get going!

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  1. 31byJa says:

    Great article! An organized office always makes me more productive. I’ve never named the benefits, but now I see it clearly…now that the clutter is gone :)

    • Martha says:

      Thanks for your comment. You’re right, it is easier to get stuff done when you know what to do first and where to find what you need to get it done. Your last sentence reminds me of the song, “I can see clearly now… the rain – I mean clutter is gone.” Ha!

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