Action Plan TOS

Action Plan Terms and Conditions

In consideration of the services described in this Action Plan by Organized For Life, I acknowledge, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • Payment may be made by check, cash, or charge. Package/initial deposits are payable before the first workday.  Subsequent payments will be made at the conclusion of the workday. Client is fully responsible for any bank charges that occur due to insufficient account funds.
  • Client is responsible for any travel time that is incurred if their location is greater than 30 minutes away from Columbus, OH.  Travel time is charged at a $20 hourly rate.
  • Client is responsible for purchasing the agreed upon materials necessary for the completion of the project. Organized For Life will assist with these particulars.  This assistance is included in above quote(s).


  • Schedules shall be set by mutual agreement between Client and Organized For Life at the time of the proposal agreement and deposit.
  • Client is required to be present during the sorting and purging part of the project.  It is very important that both parties can focus on the session so all time is productive. Please find an “organizing partner” to answer phones or watch children.
  • A notice of 24 hours is required to cancel an organizing appointment.  Otherwise, a missed appointment will forfeit a deposit amount equal to one hour of organizing.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • Organized For Life guarantees 100% client satisfaction. If any of the proposed solutions as detailed in this Action Plan are not met, Organized For Life will schedule a complimentary session to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Organized For Life DOES NOT guarantee that the client will REMAIN organized.

Organized For Life agrees and acknowledges that the confidential information of the Client is valuable, special, and unique; that the Client depends on such confidential information; and that the Client wishes to protect such information by keeping it confidential for the use and benefit of the Client. Organized For Life agrees that they will not use, except for the Client’s sole benefit in the performance of its services, or divulge to anyone either during the term of the project(s) or at any time thereafter, any of the Client’s confidential information of any kind.

Removal of Materials:
It is agreed that the removal of any materials from the Client’s possession (via disposal, donation, sale, etc.) will solely be the Client’s decision.**

Permission for Photos, References and Presence:

  • Client grants permission to Organized For Life to be on the Client’s premises and handle the Client’s belongings.**
  • The client agrees to put away, prior to the organizing session, any precious items/antiques that cannot be replaced.
  • Client grants permission to Organized For Life to use photos of organized area(s) (both pre and post changes) on their website and printed materials with client identity protected.
  • Client grants permission for Organized For Life to use Client as a reference for organizing services.

(** = required)

I understand and agree to these terms and conditions and want to move forward on this Action Plan.

Martha Clouse – Manager, Organized For Life, LLC (06-19-09)

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