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Organizing Photos Turned Digital

Friday, May 29th, 2009

If you are ready to clean out and organize those many shoe boxes of photos, slides and home movies, “there is an app for that.”   Several companies stand ready to help you in the conversion of prints, negatives, slides, videos and reel-to-reel film to digital format .   The only question is – do you have more time, or more money?  Let’s start with the least labor-intensive (and most expensive!) of the three.

ScanDigital is a highly regarded digital scanning/organizing solution.  Customers simply request a UPS label from the website and send a box of images to be scanned.  The Best Package Offer will scan 500 photos, negatives or slides for $319.95 (or an average of $.68 per item scanned.)  This service does allow you to choose a higher resolution, up to 600 dpi.  Individual care per photo includes cropping, upright rotation, and color correction.

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New Products for 2009

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

From April 28 – May 2nd, I met with thousands of my organizing colleagues in Orlando for the 2009 Conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers.Ohio Organizers at 2009 Conference

The four days were packed with seminars, networking, and new vendor offerings.  Best of all, I got to connect with friends who think like I do!  We are all weird in that “Use it, love it, or lose it!” and “What is the most efficient system here?” kinda way.
I am excited to share what I learned so my clients have even more success in bringing order into their lives!  In the way of new organizing products, three that I recommend are:

Recipe Relish-brightly colored recipe keepers that convert to a recipe stand.  The 9″x12″x1.5″ format easily holds magazine clippings, computer print outs, and recipe cards (with optional plastic sleeves.)   I like the way you don’t have to do anything to your recipes, just lay them flat under the proper category.  The color options are great!  If you have a lot of recipes, you can label and color code by category to your heart’s content.

Ziploc® – You’ve probably seen the Big Bags with handles on commercials.  The latest product is the Flexible Tote.  This is a breathable cube-like zippered container perfect for storing clothing or linens.  I have not seen these in stores yet.   I like this idea for my tablecloths that I use so infrequently.  As a quilter, I wonder if this would be a good optionto store quilts?  Better than plastic, surely.

Simply Renee – the Clip It Up™ system keeps supplies within reach for scrapbooking fanatics (you know who you are!)  How much time could you save by having everything you use right there?  This organizing solution is a bit pricey, but discounted to professional organizers.  If you decide you must have one, call me to order for you at 30% off!

Let me know what you think of these products.

Do organizers fall down?

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Yes. As I am writing this, there is a place in my home that is bugging me – my closet. The main problem is that I hoard fabric for quilting. You know the saying, “Whoever has the largest fabric collection when she dies WINS!”

I even have adequate containers to hold it all. I just never returned the rejected pieces that I auditioned for my sister’s quilt several months ago. My excuse is that I don’t have that big chunk of time that I know it will take. After all, I am a sole proprietor of my own business. I don’t have a lot of spare time these days.

Isn’t it enough that my spices are neatly arranged in a drawer and my make-up is right at hand when I need it? Nope! Every time I am in my closet, I can feel the frustration mounting. I’m going to take care of those piles… soon.

The only thing that will make me accountable is to bring in a friend. I will be helping my sister organize her clothes closet. I hereby purpose to ask her to do the same for me. The task will get done in less time and we can chat while doing the work. You know, I am starting to look forward to this. Thanks for listening…

Garage Organizing, Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Recently, I was on hand for a garage make-over.  I use the term “on hand” loosely because the majority of the work was done in my absence!

My clients had used their garage for jumbled storage since they moved in 10 years ago.  When I went to meet the wife for the initial assessment, she pointed out things she would get rid of and said that she wanted to paint the walls while we were at it.  We talked about the strategy to make that happen, and about “zones” for certain activities and storage.

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