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Andria the Diva

Andria 'Diva' Williams

Who would’ve thought that a proclaimed ‘Diva’ would have issues with organization? When I am out and about around town, I definitely give the impression that I am put together. Well, for the most part (mentally), I am together—but my basement and my living quarters are a whole other thing! First, I am a creative chic who always has at least 10 things going on in her mind at one time. Which is why organization is not even on my top 5 priority list.

I have some interesting challenges when it comes to keeping my basement organized. Not only am I a Diva (the good diva), but also a landlord, so that means that I have a messy hardware store in my basement! Let’s not forget, I also do laundry and store everything I’m not using at the moment in my basement!

When you live with that kind of chronic disorganization, you don’t realize how much you put up with stuff always being in your way! It’s quite easy to step over things…for years.

When I started working with Martha, I had to just give up all the emotional nonsense, ya know…worrying about what she would think of my messy basement and would she think less of me. Turns out that Martha is so gentle-natured, that she really helped me to work through the process of going through years of personal & not-so-personal items. She gave me the nudge (many times) with out expressing judgment or disdain. Her spirit enabled me to take my time with releasing some of the items and her actual strength enabled us to carry stuff out to the dumpster!

Seriously happy landlord

A Seriously Happy Landlord

Now, after the project is upon completion—I realize, I have found a love for my basement. Just when I open the door to the area, I am overcome with an awesome joy because I can see the floor and I no longer have to step over things just to do laundry! In fact, every time I go downstairs, I almost hear an orchestra welcoming me! I am so thankful that Martha Clouse was my support and helped me focus on getting that area of my life together. Her short involvement in my life helped me be a better person! I will continue to call upon Martha (Organized for Life) as I grow into the best person I can be! “Thank You, Martha!”

Warmest Regards,

Andria ‘Diva’ Williams, The Ultimate Master of Ceremonies
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