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Ecards Galore

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Of course, if you suddenly remember, “Oh no, the birthday is today,” you can always send an e-card. Instant gratification is the byword these days… and it’s free! Usually.


These are a few of my favorites: Oh my goodness, these crack me up! Consider the receiver ’cause some are a little over the top. Here is a birthday example I just made in 10 minutes. The site talks you through cutting and pasting the faces into premade skits. If you type “free” into the search window, you will be sure not to be charged. A $12 per year membership via Paypal gives you access to all. I love their Hoops and Yoyo cards. This was the St. Patrick’s Day offering. Be sure you click on a clover or two. Again, search for “free” for your no-pay options. This is the site to send cards with a Christian message. This is a woman-to-woman card of encouragement. This gal is quite an artist and chooses the most serene music to listen to as you watch an animated drawing. Preview an Easter card. Children will be enthralled, and at the end of the animation can choose to work a puzzle of the picture. This site has a required membership of $12 per year or $18 for 2 years.

This could be addictive, you realize. Have fun with it!

That Birthday is…Tomorrow?

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

You know you bought a birthday card for your best friend a couple weeks ago, but where did you put it? Back to the Hallmark store, then straight to the Post Office so your greeting is on time. Whew!

The next day the first card turns up in a spot you would never have checked!

What’s the answer?


Build a card file.

Once you have a place for blank notes and greeting cards alike, you will always know where to look.
  • First, find a container you love that is at least 10″ w X 7″ h, with a depth between 10-15″.


I use a BigSo™ box from The Container Store. The height is only 6.5″, but the look is clean. Right now, the blue box only is on sale for $7.99.

  • Next, decide on dividers for your card categories. You can use envelopes, cut down file folders, or use index dividers.

My cards are in clear snap envelopes, 9.5″ X 7″, also from the Container Store, $1.99 ea.



  • Finally, label dividers with categories:

Anniversary/Wedding                Encouragement
Baby                                         Friend
Birthday                                    Holiday
Blank                                        Sympathy
Congrats                                   Thank You
Envelopes                                 Thinking of You


Now whenever you purchase a new card or find one floating around your house, just file it for future use.

Having a designated card file means you can find what you need when you need it. You are organized. Don’t you love it!?!                                

Home Staging ROI

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Whether your next move is imminent or a few years away, I want to share this resource with you.

Home Sale Maximizer Guide

This guide is based on input from 1,000 Realtors, asking what improvements will pay the biggest dividends when a home is sold. The results of the survey are condensed in this chart.


Maximizer Guide  


Applying the first three suggestions at a cost of around $1,000 can raise the sale price of your home by $5,000 or more AND speed the sale.

The Maximizer Guide will walk you through each of the suggested improvements complete with checklists. I love it! Print the guide if you have a move in the offing, or bookmark so you can find it again… whenever. Happy moving!


Organizing Around Function

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

The HGTV designers are always saying a room should have one main functionto appeal to a home buyer.

My second bedroom is a good example of a room that has an identity crisis. That room has simultaneously been a guest room/my office/storage area (pronounced: dumping ground). I knew where everything was, but it wasn’t pretty and truthfully didn’t work on any level.

So, a designer friend of mine came to help me decide how to give that room a well-defined purpose. At her suggestion, we will move Jeff’s man-cave office furniture out of our bedroom and into the spare. That room will now only OFFICE, with desk, computer, bookcase, and file drawers.

All office supplies and techie stuff will be in there. We will hide the cords. I can even hang some of Jeff’s professional awards and memorabilia. It will be a manly space.

That will clear the way for me to decorate our bedroom with pretty bed linens. I will also have room for a reading nook complete with bookshelves, a reading chair, light and side table.

Why do we wait until we are ready to move to make our spaces both pleasing to the eye AND functional? This is your advice from an organizer who has done just that:

  1. Decide on one main function for each room.
  2. If you have room (or must of necessity), include only one relatedpurpose. Ex: family recreation room with media center, living room with writing desk.
  3. Gather all the supplies relevant to the room’s function.
  4. Decide how you can store everything closest to the action. See my blog for storage ideas.
  5. Be sure you have both ambient and task lighting in place.
  6. Throw in some pops of color with fabric, accessories, and wall hangings.

You will have a space you that works and is pleasing to your eye. AND you will be able to enjoy it now!

Book Review: The Dog Ate My Planner

Friday, March 1st, 2013

I met Pat Snyder at a Women In Transition meeting here in Columbus. She is such a warm and down-home kind of gal, it’s hard to believe she was a lawyer in her former life and now an author as well.

If you just want to laugh about the realities of everyday life The Dog Ate My Planner: Tales and Tips from an Overbooked Life is a great read! Pat writes about the frustrations of a hectic, out-of-control life we all have experienced.

Along the way, you will find some practical tips for organizing your time and your life. Maybe there is hope for all of us who find ourselves in “life gone wrong” situations. At least we will be able to laugh through the tears.