Teleseminar: Organize Your Best Trip Ever!

Join Martha and her guest, Christy Lingo, to get a head start on your vacation plans this year.

Christy Lingo


Free teleseminar:

Organize Your Best Trip Ever!
May 30th, 7:30-8:30 PM
On your phone where ever you are most comfortable.

Christy is a Professional Organizer and owner of Simple Solutions Design  .  She backpacked through Europe for 3 months with – gasp! – only a backpack! She loves planning for travel and will share her insight from her experience.

Attendees will…
  • Get the most from the information in their guidebooks and travel guides.
  • Learn tips for using travel websites and apps to organize and get the most from your trip.
  • Devise a budget to help stay on track while planning and traveling.
  • Develop a pack list and pre-pack bag for quicker and easier get aways.
  • Pack efficiently for any length of trip and still have a variety of options.


During the month of May you can also read Christy’s travel advice on her website and blog.

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  1. Darla says:

    I always overpack and am anxious if I try to pack light. How do I overcome this?

    • Martha says:

      What a great question, Darla! I am forwarding that one to Christy, so she will be sure to answer it on the teleclass.

      If you can’t make it on Weds nite, register for the class anyway (name and email in sign up above) and you will get the recording by email on Thursday. Then you can listen at your leisure.

  2. Sue Ranck says:

    1 )What’s the best way to pack vitamins / meds?

    2) shoes: I always pack too many…..and panic if I don’t have the right ones. I, too, only take a back pack.
    ( took only a carry-on for 18 day trip to Israel )

    3 )RE: computers: can I just use my Droid and MIFI ? vs. taking my laptop?

    4) How do I download my email addresses into my Droid phone? I have an Apple Laptop

    • Martha says:

      Sue, thanks for the questions! I forwarded to Christy. We will address packing in the second half of the teleseminar, so will address your questions on meds and shoes then.

      Who are you using for email – yahoo, google, aol, etc.? When I got my droid, I switched to google mail so I could auto sync all contacts for both my laptop and droid. We’ll talk more about it on the call.

      “see” you there!

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