I chose to do the thing I hated most: closets. Created bags of give aways (wonderful things that I might get back into someday) and gave to (an) art student and Salvation Army. I found I could do it only because I kept the art student in mind: she would like this, she would wear this. Funny thing is, naturally, that I was keeping them until I got thinner but then I immediately felt thinner after I gave them away. On to the next chore… thank you and all those like you who have helped and inspired me.


After years of trying to get things organized on my own (with occasional help from family members), I felt like I finally had the motivation and encouragement – from you! – to make a major change.  My daughter loved the changes you helped me make!

Nancy B.
Columbus, OH

I love my guest bedroom! The closet now gives me all the room I need for off-season clothes and shoes.

Dolly C.
Columbus, OH

On behalf of the MOMS Club of Dublin SE, thank you for taking time to spend with us at our monthly meeting. We appreciate all of your great tips and your encouragement to make our homes just a little bit less chaotic. I know everyone there enjoyed it.

Amy S.
MOMS Club of Dublin, SE

Martha was helpful in so many ways.  Practically, she came up with a system for us to sort my mom’s worldly possessions.  She asked questions and gave suggestions to help me make tough decisions.  She did part of the actual work (moving stuff).  On the flip side, she tolerated a story here and there that would be sparked by a memento and let me shed a few tears.  I will definitely use her again when the “stuff of life” seems too much.

Rebecca M.
Galloway, OH

You came and  spoke to our MOMS Club group… about organizing and we really enjoyed having you.  The information you shared with us was great!  All of us moms can use help with organization!  We appreciated all of the goodies you brought and your willingness to answer questions for our moms.  Thanks also for the emails you have sent with additional tips!  Thanks so much!

Cheryl L.
MOMS Club of Delaware

Thank you for presenting such a great program at our library. It was very well received at all 3 locations. We and our patrons appreciated the giving of your time and expertise.

Harla L. Lawson
Delaware County District Libraries

On behalf of the staff of the Hudson Library & Historical Society I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come help our patrons “Clear the Clutter.” I think a lot of people left feeling very empowered to tackle their problem areas. The crowd was amazing. Your five questions will be prominently displayed as I struggle with packing to move next month.

Kathy Lawrence
Hudson Library & Historical Society

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