Clutter Management Program

Written by Martha on March 28th, 2010

Are you at last desperate enough to ask for help to clear the clutter that’s making you crazy? Many women I talk to tell me they know they need to get organized.

But, we see ourselves as women who are strong and capable of doing everything ourselves.  We should be able to “bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan…” We are masters of doing two or three things at a time, right? So why are we struggling with what should be so easy?

Our American culture doesn’t help matters. We idolize independence to the point that many women feel isolated. We think,  “Why am I the only one who has this problem?”

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Nothing could be further from the truth! Each of us has some issue with clutter, whether it is…

  • handling paper
  • hanging onto emotionally charged memorabilia
  • stockpiling photos
  • or just not realizing “the stuff” is piling up until it is
    too overwhelming to deal with

In the new Clutter Management Program, you will find the support you need to complete one specific organizing project on a four week session.

Through classroom discussion, assigned reading, and peer accountability you will be encouraged and inspired to:

  • Discover the root causes of clutter that are affecting you personally
  • Decide on your ideal use of the space in your personal project
  • Design action zones to keep supplies close at hand where they are most used
  • Master the art of de-cluttering with a simple system to use again and again
  • Know  benefits/drawbacks of storage options and which is best for you
  • Gain the confidence to make the hard choices to let go
  • Seek an organizer’s counsel and support via email when problems arise

Organized For Life’s pilot Clutter Management Program (CMP) will kick off on Tuesday, April 6th, from 6:30-8:00 PM. Westminster-Thurber Community has graciously offered us the use of their newly renovated activity room on the 7th floor.   The $79 tuition includes 6 hours of instruction, the organizing text, and a one hour in-home consultation with Martha Clouse, professional organizer and instructor.

Why a group program? In case you have not seen the results of a recent survey I sent to the readers of my Simple Changes newsletter, take a look.

You are not alone. That is the beauty of a support group. You will hear how other women have struggled and what they have found that works for them. You will get to share your success with people who understand.

Organizing is my way of helping women get unstuck and see hope for the future. I want to give you the benefit of my experience and study as well as some concrete tools you need to get there.

Read what some of Organized For Life’s clients have to say:

After years of trying to get things organized on my own (with occasional help from family members,) I felt like I finally had the motivation and encouragement – from you! – to make a major change.  My daughter loved the changes you helped me make!

Nancy B
Upper Arlington, OH

Andria the DivaI am so thankful that Martha Clouse was my support and helped me focus on getting that area of my life together. Her short involvement in my life helped me be a better person! I will continue to call upon Martha (Organized for Life) as I grow into the best person I can be! “Thank You, Martha!” (read more)

Andria ‘Diva’ Williams, The Ultimate Master of Ceremonies
614.581.DIVA (3482)

Martha was helpful in so many ways.  Practically, she came up with a system for us to sort my mom’s worldly possessions.  She asked questions and gave suggestions to help me make tough decisions.  She did part of the actual work (moving stuff).  On the flip side, she tolerated a story here and there that would be sparked by a memento and let me shed a few tears.  I will definitely use her again when the “stuff of life” seems too much.

Rebecca M.
Columbus, OH

If you are ready to take back control of your time and space with a group of like-minded ladies (and men) sign up today. Enrollment for the April CMP will be limited to 10 persons to make sure each member gets individual attention.

Please email with questions concerning enrollment.