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Written by Martha on July 6th, 2010

A parent’s main job is to make him/herself obsolete. Challenging your child to attempt new things as he grows is part of this weaning from Mom and Dad’s help. Caring for her own hygiene, choosing clothing, and “picking up” her playthings are a few of the tasks that you will introduce in gradual and age-appropriate chunks.

In school, a 1st grader learns  there are 50 states, in 3rd grade he must name the states, and by 5th grade is able to recite the capitol cities of each. (Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Not me.) In the same way, parents introduce personal responsibility in stages that increase in complexity as their child grows and is physically and mentally capable of completing each task.

The physical layout of your child’s room can either help or hinder this learning process. The two questions you must ask yourself are:

1. Can my child reach the things he/she needs to complete the job?

2. Is it easy to get to one toy, book, shirt, or toothbrush so that getting out and putting away are simple and fun to do?

Think “kindergarten” here. A classroom for 5-year-olds contains low shelves, hooks, and tables along with  storage containers that are specific to the objects stored there.

These are a few of my favorite kid-friendly organizing products that bring storage down to a child’s level and make it fun.

Shelving – I love the versatility of the JC Penney Linden Street line.  Using 2 of the 4-cubby bookshelves  is a great option for a kids’ room.  Books can be stored easily on the plain shelves alternating with stuffed animals or toys contained in the fold-out fabric bins from Target.

Closets – Two closet organizing pieces that make reaching and choosing outfits easier for kids are:

The Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander by Umbra found at The Container Store. The expander converts a single closet rod into a double hang at the height of your choice. This is perfect to put clothing at eye level for 4-9 year olds.

Natural Soft Canvas 6 Shelf Organizer Label the six bins from Sunday through Friday and sort daily outfits into the slots for ages 2-7 years to save time in the morning.  Let Saturday be “grunge day” as a reminder to do laundry.

PuzzlesThe Deluxe Wire Storage Rack is affordable and has room for those extra large puzzles with the little knobs.

LegosBox4Blox (right, below) This sorter and storage box is such a neat idea, I wish I still had kids with Legos! Watch the short video on the website to see how it works.

Puzzle Storage Rack


Leave your comment below about the kid-friendly products you have found. We need all the help we can get in parenting these days!

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