Out of Season Storage

Written by Martha on June 19th, 2009

Most of us would like an extra closet or two.  Barring that possibility, clearing out off-season clothing and linens can help.  Here are a few hints on how to do that safely and efficiently.

  1. Clear space for everyday wear by putting special occasion clothing in the farthest corner of the closet.
  2. Use vacuum-compressed storage bags to hold bulky sweaters, jackets, blankets, beach towels.  They really work!
  3. Store containers of cloth items only in spaces that are heated, to avoid dampness that causes mold and mildew.
  4. Use empty suitcases,old drawers with wheels, or low plastic containers to store out-of season items  under a bed.
  5. Cedar chests can double as seating and storage for less frequently used items.

Remember to mark your calendars to retrieve summer/winter items early in the months that start with the letter A.  Then you can see what you need to complete your wardrobe for that season in time to hit the sales that month!

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