Storage Tip: Use Decorative Greeting Card Box

Written by Martha on September 21st, 2009

If you have ever been in one of my workshops you know that I love decorative storage options.  There is something about a beautiful box, funky trunk, or colorful tote that makes me want to put stuff in it.  Isn’t that a good thing to choose for a container you will use often and keep in plain sight?


I have been using a BigSo Box (11”L x 11”W X 6.5”H) from the Container Store to organize my greeting cards/notecards.

NOTE: This item is on sale now for half off at $5.99 through October 4th.

I labeled clear snap envelopes with the various categories:

Anniversary                         Baby
Birthday                              Blank
Congratulations                   Get Well
Holiday                                Sympathy
Thank You                           Extra Envelopes/stickers

Then I was nosing around Office Max and found a Divoga 19 Pocket case file.  Black and white retro look… love it!  With measurements   9.5”L X 4.5”W X 7”H, this will fit most large greeting cards. The only drawback is the width.  This container will work for 30-40 cards max.  Notecards might not fit in here.

I think I will fill this one with the birthday cards for our family and friends for the year.   If I use the 20% coupon at Hallmark for this purchase in December, I will feel justified in sending “the very best”!

This is what organizing is really about – saving time and money, surrounding yourself with beauty, using your  resources to touch others, and feeling great about it!

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