The DON’T MISS Resource for Moms

Written by Martha on June 30th, 2011

There is one resource I hope every Mom taps – Focus on the Family offerings. This is a faith-based non-profit whose sole purpose is to strengthen the family world wide.

“Thriving Family” magazine is their free email subscription – $9.99 for hard copy delivered – full of timely encouragement for every age and family member. You can spend all day on the website and not plumb the depths of insight from many expert authors.

I highly recommend the children and boy/girl teen magazines. These are paid subscriptions (a perfect gift to ask for from grandparents… hint, hint) that are geared to specific age ranges and interests. We all need folks to come alongside to partner with us in raising strong children. Sometimes when they won’t hear us, they will listen to the same thought from another source!

If you are struggling with a hard-headed son or daughter, reading Dr. James Dobson’s
The New Strong-Willed Child is like someone just threw you a life-preserver.

You’ll find out what makes the strong-willed child tick, how you can shape their will without damaging
their spirit, how to guide them successfully into adulthood, and… more.

Dr. Dobson is a child psychologist and the founder of Focus on the Family. This is a new version of the 1970’s classic that has sold over 2 million copies and helped many of us parents along the way. Check out the many resources on their website.

As I was surfing to write this article, I found a book I need now Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children: Six Steps to Hope and Healing for Struggling Parents by Allison Bottke.

Thank you, readers!

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