Analyze Systems with 3 E’s

Written by Martha on July 5th, 2011

At least once every other month, I try to visit my 3 grandchildren in Virginia. Oh yeah, I also go to see my daughter and her husband at the same time.

One of the things I admire about my daughter is that she has timing down to a science on meals, naps and TV viewing. I am having fun analyzing what systems are working for her.

The three measuring points of a system are:

  1. Easy – does it make the action simpler or more complicated/hard to remember?
  2. Effective – does it get the job done?
  3. Efficient – are resources used wisely?

Don’t we all want to get things done quickly, simply, and without using too much money or energy? That is even more appealing during the summer months when we want to go in, get it done, and get back outside for fun in the sun!

So pick one task that you perform on a daily or weekly basis. Evaluate by asking yourself the 3 E’s. If your way of doing that task fails in one area, ask yourself how you can tweak the process to get it done more quickly or easily.

Making one small change – relocating supplies closer to where used for example – can make a big difference.

I’m with you. Let’s conserve energy and enjoy easy!

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