Sometimes Life’s a Balancing Act!

Written by Martha on July 7th, 2011

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I am very glad that our Manufacturer gave us a life instruction manual. As with any product we purchase, the thing works best when operated according to the instructions. There is a right and wrong use built into the product.

Still, so much of life is less a matter of right and wrong, but of a healthy balance of two good things — applied to a particular situation.
How are you doing at keeping your life in balance? Balance is best represented by the conjunction “and” rather than by “or”.

  • Love and Discipline
  • Spending and Saving
  • Confronting and Forgiving
  • Accumulating and Letting go
  • God’s part (initiating) and My part (response)
  • Doing what I can to affect change and Accepting what I can’t change

In each pair of opposites above, neither is good or bad in itself. The key is in a thoughtful, balanced co-existence.

Is there an area of your life you have been avoiding, that sparks anger, or gives you a sinking feelingin the pit of your stomach? Those are red flags to let you know something is going on that needs yourattention.

My request to you:
Take 5 minutes to be quiet, ask yourself what the conflict is, and write down two distinctly opposite ways you can handle the situation. Then decide on a balanced plan of action that incorporates a part ofboth extremes.

Expressing negative feelings is not wrong. Remember to use the words “I feel ____________.” Makesure you put a feeling in the blank! Then you can say what is causing the feeling. Letting someone knowhow his/her actions are affecting you is the right thing to do. Your confession may not affect change inthat person, but you will have done your part to reconcile.

Summer is a great time to try something new. If you don’t succeed the first time, you will have eliminated one contender and can move on to another (cherry tomatoes.) If nothing else, life is an adventure!


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