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Small Space Solutions

Monday, April 27th, 2009

One main cause of clutter is “too much stuff for too little space.” Sometimes this problem can be solved in a tight spot with creative uses of space that is ignored. Try to take a new look at your small area with these suggestions in mind.

1. Go Vertical!

As you look around in the room, note how much of the top half of the walls are utilized. Brainstorm how you can take advantage of those walls with storage options like:

  • Floor to ceiling bookshelves
  • Floating shelving
  • A wall-mounted cabinet

If there are furniture pieces taking up floor space below, you may as well put storage above. No one will hit their head!

2. Find unused pockets of dead air

Places to look include under the bed, behind a door, near the floor in the lower half of a closet, and above the one shelf in the closet. These are great spaces for storage and tons of organizing products are available. Easy-to-install shelving is available at most home improvement centers.

3. Use dual-purpose furniture

A book shelf makes a great headboard for a twin bed – shelves for books and alarm clock above and remote storage below bed level. Place a cedar chest in a window nook or at the end of the bed to double as seating and storage. A bedside table with two or more drawers can hold 75-100 CD’s on end with the titles showing.

The good news is that these tips will enable you to fit more stuff into a small space. The bad news… you may still have leftovers. Assuming that you put away what was most valuable to you, evaluate what is left. If you don’t use it or love it, give it away. Someone else can put it to good use!