ThuRsday Recycle and Reuse: Toys

Written by Martha on March 4th, 2010
ThuRs Recycle and Reuse

ThuRs Recycle and Reuse

Often children outgrow toys that are still good. Parents can check twice a year just before Christmas and the child’s birthday to see if they are ready to part with a few things. Sometimes the hint that new toys will arrive soon makes kids more willing to let go.

Gently used toys, newer video-game units with non-violent games, and clean plush animals will be welcomed by a women’s shelter or homeless shelter. Senior centers can use Beanie Babies for bingo prizes. The Salvation Army and Goodwill still accept toys that are intact and in good condition.

There are also a few groups that specifically ask for stuffed animals that are clean and in good repair.

Police units may keep small plush animals (less than 21″) on hand to help calm children found in traumatic situations. Check with your local law enforcement agency about their policy.

SAFE – Stuffed Animals For Emergencies sends plush toys around the world.

We collect various items such as stuffed animals, toys, books and baby blankets to benefit children during emergency situations such as fires, illness, accidents, neglect, abuse, homelessness and even weather emergencies such as tornadoes, floods and hurricanes. We also donate the items we receive to other children’s organizations, military organizations, libraries and even nursing homes.

SAFE is now collecting specifically for U.S. deployed troops in Afghanistan and Iraq as well for children in Haiti. Email Jennifer at  jenalloy15 at gmail dot com for drop-off points in Ohio.

Beanies for Baghdad is another group that collects Beanie Babies, school supplies, and toys that are then distributed by soldiers in Iraq.

Most people don’t know what to do with their Beanies anymore and this organization has been sending Beanies overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan for seven years! The troops use the Beanies to help develop relationships with the people in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as to put a smile on the face of a child who probably has never had a stuffed animal of their own.

Cash donations are also accepted to help with shipping costs.

A toy that is still in the original box is welcomed by the Marine Corps Toys for Tots.  The toys are then distributed at Christmas to low income families.

It is never too early to have children experience the thrill of giving. Knowing that another child doesn’t have toys can become a lesson in thankfulness as well.

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