ThuRsday Recycle and Reuse: Toys/Games

Written by Martha on July 29th, 2010
ThuRs Recycle and Reuse

ThuRs Recycle and Reuse

I am always looking for new homes for the stuff my clients are willing to share. I was excited to read Melissa Dilley’s article “Parting with Toys Not Always Easy” in the Columbus Dispatch this past Friday, July 23rd.

In keeping with the Toy Story 3 theme, Melissa spoke to several families having yard sales to sell their growing children’s toys. She encountered a young man who couldn’t give up his first two-wheeler, as well as a mom who was keeping things that her child said could be sold. I wonder whose wishes will change in the future.

Best of all, was the specific list of places to donate toys and games here in Columbus, OH.

  • Huckleberry House, 1421 Hamlet St., accepts board games and toys targeted to children ages 12 to 17.
  • JOIN (Joint Organization for Inner-City Needs), 578 E. Main St., accepts all used children’s toys. Call 614-241-2530.
  • Boys and Girls Club, 115 S. Gift St., accepts board games. Call 614-221-8830.

Hopefully, your donated toys will not want to escape from their new home, but will be treasured and enjoyed by new owners.

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