Art as a Model of Life

Written by Martha on June 8th, 2009
a taste of the Art Festival

a taste of the Art Festival

A feast of the senses.  Sights -  dogs of all sizes, the Mime Guy, people of all sizes, tantilizing colors, giant Gumby on canvas.  Smells – barbecue, funnel cakes, hot blacktop, sunscreen.  Sounds – foreign languages, a child’s laughter.  Taste – a much-needed lemonade on a hot summer’s day.  Touch - stroking the rich fabric of fantasmic fauna, bumpy leather pieces, and the coolness of blown glass, while rubbing shoulders with other folk as we stroll  among the exhibits.

My husband gets megapoints for taking me to the Art Festival in downtown Columbus this past Saturday.  Crowds repel him; I love sharing the excitement of the other viewers.  We smile at each other with delight and every once in a while reach past our carefully guarded perimeters to describe what we see.

Once again, the artists and their creations are so diverse that I marvel at their innovation.

In each media – whether it is wood, oil, photography, fiber, glass –  the different uses of color, shape, method and style result in a collection that is unique to its creator.

It strikes me as I come away that, rather than life acting as a model for these pieces, the art depicts the distinctness of  human  life.

Each person is a unique creation with personality, experience, disappointments and dreams.   I am so glad we are not all alike.  How boring would that be?

Like the art, we come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  We alternately represent grace, whimsy, hardness, a sense of humor, and even ugliness at times.    A person’s worth doesn’t depend on what appeals to a viewer, but on the handiwork of the master crafter.   Thank God for that.

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