Product Review: Organizables

Written by Martha on August 6th, 2012

My granddaughter, Melanie, began attending an elementary school that required uniforms this year. I know she was sad that she couldn’t wear her bright colors and butterflies, but Mom – Sarah – benefits from having a set choice of clothing to prepare and no arguments. Sarah doesn’t need this product on school days, but maybe vacations? Hmmm…

Organizables┬« Children’s Clothes Organizer┬ácan save the headaches of last minute scrambles in the morning trying to coordinate shirts and slacks, socks and shoes. Five colorful hanging bags labeled by the day of the week hold the week’s worth of outfits, ready to put on in the morning. Planning ahead to save time and frustration works for me.

Features I love about this product:

  • Soft material folds easily to pack in a suitcase for travel
  • Hanging bags are lightweight and water repellent
  • Center zipper for easy access
  • Pockets keep shoes, socks and accessories in one place
  • Clothes stay neat, clean and wrinkle-free. Better than shoved in a drawer!

Weekday sets come in pink for girls and blue for boys, @ $34.99 per set. Weekend sets include 2 anytime bags and 2 special activities zipper bags – purple for girls and lime green for boys – @ $24.99 per set.

These would make a super gift for kids, or better yet for moms! I’m just sorry I didn’t know about the product until it was too late to help Sarah with her weekday morning crush. Maybe the weekend set?

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