Product Review: Reusable Grocery Bag Organizer

Written by Martha on May 13th, 2011

At the 2011 NAPO Conference I fell in love with a new concept in green.

You know those mesh grocery bags that cut down on plastic waste if only you could remember to bring them with you to the store? The answer is a stylish Reusable Bag Organizer™ that will make it a pleasure!

The Tote Buddy™ is an organized, flat, and beautiful way to always have the bags at hand. Just leave one set of handles out when you Velcro® the Tote Buddy™ flat. Other women will ask you where you found the beautiful bag hanging on your arm.

The tote is reinforced so you can stand it in the child seat, attach your shopping list (long sticky note is perfect!) and you are set to maneuver through the aisles grabbing what you need. You only need music and you will look like you are doing the “shopping cart” dance. Ha!

After you empty your groceries at home, you will be motivated to load up your Tote Buddy™ and put it in your car for the next trip – because you now have a plan and it is stylin’!

This company donated reusable bags to CraveDC for their kick-off event on September 1st, 2010. I’m hoping they will be the next product found at Target or Whole Foods. Until then we will have to order our Reusable Bag Organizer™ online.

To what extent are you going green? Leave me a comment below with your best tip.

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