Book Review: Sync or Swim

Written by Martha on May 20th, 2011

My clients are always asking me questions about organizing emails, computer files, etc. My standard answer is that for continuity, these files should have the same organizing structure and file headings as their paper files.

Jeff, my Project Manager and Information Technology (IT) Director husband, says that advice is a little simplistic and perhaps unrealistic given the amount of emails and digital information we now receive daily.

Since I don’t love computers and other electronic devices, I have decided I will refer my friends and clients to this little book: Sync or Swim.

I like that it will be delivered digitally to an electronic reader (there is some justice in this techno-crazy world of ours!)

Authors Allison Carter and Judith Kolberg are well-known leaders in the organizing industry. They have compiled best tips on managing everyday technology from over 70 professional organizers around the world.

At the low price of $6.99 for the Kindle edition of Sync or Swim, you are sure to get your money’s worth in ideas that will save you time & money and make your life easier!

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