Helpful ER Products

Written by Martha on September 28th, 2012

While you are building your emergency kit, these are several products I think are essential. My husband, Jeff, especially likes the electronic doo-dads.


Hand Crank Flashlight and Phone Charger- If you can turn a crank twice per second, you can power either the flashlight or use your car phone charger to power your cell phone. This device is $11.95 plus shipping and you provide the muscle power. Universal USB cable included.




Eton/American Red Cross NOAA Weather Radio- This device has radio, flashlight, cell phone charger all in one with both hand crank or solar charging capability. Cost $30.00, comes in red, green or blue colors. The USB cable for phone charger may have to be ordered separately.

Fire and Waterproof Safe - Fire proofing alone is not enough because water is often used to put out the flames. I like the SentrySafe H4300SG Fire-Safe Waterproof Security File. With capacity of 0.7 cubic feet, hanging file utility, and recessed lid for storing CD’s and USB storage, is very versatile. Price: $59.38 with free shipping from Amazon NOTE: The safety features give this safe a hefty weight – 41 lbs. empty. You will not want to haul this around. That’s why fire and waterproofing come in handy! Not intended to safeguard valuables like jewelry.



ABC-type Home Fire Extinguisher

The Kidde 466142 Full Disposable Fire Extinguisher Class (ABC) provides compact fire protection at an affordable price – $26.99 with free shipping at Amazon. These seamless aluminum cylinders have no welds so they won’t leak. These dry chemical models are not subject to costly 6-year recharge maintenance fees and have a life of 12-years.

Also, don’t forget your manual can opener, wrench (for shutting off water and gas), signal flares and duct tape! Are we there yet?

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