Get Ready, Get Creative…Organize!

Written by Martha on September 22nd, 2010

“Three of these things belong together
Three of these things are kinda the same
Can you guess which one just doesn’t belong here…”

If your kids are Gen X’ers or early millenials, you are now singing the end of this Sesame Street song in your head. Of course, to make it a ‘no brainer’, three things are items of clothing and the other is a rubber ducky. There definitely was one obviously right answer.

Not so in organizing. One of the key principles when organizing is, “Put like things together.” Just like in the song, right? Not quite.

A principle is a broad truth that is then applied to a specific case. That is what makes organizing such a creative and fun act. There is not one “right” way to sort and categorize objects.

Two people may key on totally different characteristics to decide which things are alike. The distinguishing characteristic may be:

  • Shape – An extra long knife can only fit in a certain drawer with long utensils, not with other knives.
  • Function – The office tools that write are grouped separately from the adhesives.
  • Color – An artist keeps all green acrylics together to make choosing the right shade simpler.
  • Composition – Cotton fabrics are stored and used together, as are stretchy synthetics.
  • Sleeve length – Hanging sleeveless, short -sleeved and long-sleeved blouses in groups can speed choosing an outfit.
  • Season used – A tablecloth that is specific to a particular holiday may be stored with seasonal items rather than with everyday use linens.
  • Owner – Teenagers can be territorial with their CD’s of choice.

Once you decide which things are alike, you will know the dimensions needed to store each category. Then you are ready to assign a home and choose a container. Guess what that means? Shopping!! You can’t get any more creative and fun as that!

Go ahead, sing Sesame Street songs all the way to the store and back and share your ideas and experience with us in the comments.

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