Downsizing: Tablecloths, Blankets, and Towels…, Oh My!

Written by Martha on September 29th, 2009

Whether moving to a smaller space or just wanting less stuff, getting started on the downsizing process can be the hardest part.   Choosing an area that has few small items and is relatively emotion-free is the key.  For that reason, the linen closet is a perfect place to start.

As with any organizing/downsizing project, the first step is to take everything out.  Next, make stacks of the same types of linens:  sheet sets,blankets, towel sets, tablecloths, placemats, holiday linens, etc. Now purge each stack, with these suggestions in mind:

  1. Keep what YOU love and use regularly. Just because something was special to Aunt Jane doesn’t mean you must store it forever.  Perhaps a relative who loves to entertain would actually use that linen tablecloth that must be dry cleaned. Holiday linens are great, but how many can you use in a two week period?
  2. Decide on an optimal number of each type – towel sets/person or sheet sets/bedroom – you want to have on hand.  Choose the best from your stash and either give the rest away or use as rags.  Every six months (especially in January for the best sales!) replace at least one full set to keep ahead of wear and tear.
  3. Keep beauty in mind. Perhaps it is the fabric lover in me, but I think choices of sheets and towels should reflect our personality and make us smile. The pattern we last see at night and wake up to can lift our spirits on a daily basis. After a steaming shower or bath, the towel we wrap up in is a part of that relaxing experience. Get rid of the “uglies” and replace with something that makes your heart sing!

Now, place those special items you have left back in your linen closet. Put the linens you use most (probably towels and such) on shelves between your waist and your eyes.  Heavier blankets go on the bottom shelves.  Nothing goes on the floor.  Take a picture and send it to me in a link on my contact page so I can rejoice with you!

Less truly can be more when the stuff of our everyday lives has beauty or purpose or both.  You and I are worthy of surroundings that satisfy, that make us say, “Ahhh!”  You can do it! Just get started.

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